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Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project


Works In Progress (Gabriel Yong)



知识就是力量。分散、重点不突出的权力是没用的。 简单的说, Slackware Linux Documentation Project 的最终目标是成为全球所有Slackware相关信息主要的资源。这确实是一个崇高的目标。然而, 深信可敬的 Slackware Linux, 且是最古老的积极维护分布 GNU/Linux, 必能实现此崇高目标,因它拥有了用户群。邀请您在这方面的合作伙伴 join]。 谁可以帮忙?任何人都可以,从你的叔叔埃德摆弄他的旧笔记本电脑与Slackware Linux的老手,与发展水平的技能。欢迎各界人士。所有这些都可以[slackdocs:协助|投稿]有价值的东西,这个项目。维基(wiki)等类型的资源,因为这对社会的蓬勃发展。您已经看到了自己的GNU / Linux和[http://www.thefreedictionary.com/open-source|Open来源社区在过去和今天还在做。携手合作,成功的潜力大大增加。 Who can help? Anyone can, from your uncle Ed who tinkers with Slackware on his old laptop to Linux gurus with development level skill sets. All are welcome. All can contribute something of value to this project. A wiki type resource such as this thrives on community. You've seen for yourselves what the GNU/Linux and Open Source communities have done in the past and are still doing today. Working together, the potential for success is greatly increased.

该项目将需要的文章提交运行整个域的Slackware的知识。将是一个严重的技术文章的硬件控制,软件应用程序,Slackware的Linux实现业务和个人电脑,系统管理的需要,等等。文章也从每天需要主题,范围从简单的HOWTO复杂的决议和解决方法。This project will need article submissions that run the entire gamut of Slackware knowledge. There will be a need for serious technical articles on hardware control, software applications, Slackware Linux implementations in business and personal computing, system administration, etc. Articles will also be needed from the every day Slacker on topics ranging from simple howtos to complicated resolutions and workarounds.

提交文章,与大多数维基类型的资源,将同行评审。可能需要修改,修订附加的,等等。应被视为不重要的文章。如果有相关的Linux设备驱动程序,并会帮助别人的地方,以更好地利用这个操作系统,那么它是一个有价值的文章。为他人正在做什么,正在做。这是一个存档文件正在建造未来的知识。您的参与将持有砖的砂浆。 Submitted articles, as with most wiki type resources, will be peer reviewed. Corrections may be needed, amendments added, and so forth. No article should be deemed unimportant. If it has relevance to Slackware Linux and will assist someone somewhere to better utilize this operating system, then it is a worthwhile article. What is being done here is being done for others. This is an archive of knowledge being built for the future. Your participation will be the mortar that holds the bricks in place.

为了实现这个项目的目标,依靠民间话语和存在的一个强烈的合作精神是必要的。这里的规矩很简单。是在你与他人交往的善良和体贴。这个项目是不是个人。这是关于一个社区共享,共同朝着一个目标。你的自我不会成为其中的一部分 Slackware的Linux文档项目/ /。请把它留在衣橱的前门,然后再登录。 这就是我们的合同与彼此之间以及与未来。In order to fulfill the goals of this project, a reliance on civil discourse and the presence of a strong spirit of cooperation will be necessary. The rules here are simple. Be kind and considerate in your dealings with others. This project is not about individuals. It's about a community sharing and working together toward a goal. Your ego will not be a part of the Slackware Linux Documentation Project. Please leave it in the coat closet by the front door before you login. That is the our contract with one another and with the future. ======= The choice of software ======= This Wiki runs the DokuWiki software. This choice was made by the initiator of the project, Alien BOB. Basically when setting up a serious wiki there are two choices: MediaWiki and DokuWiki. Alien BOB has extensive experience with both - running DokuWiki for his own Slackware knowledgebase, and running a MediaWiki based knowledgebase for the customer Helpdesk of which he is the teamleader. The choice for DokuWiki was made for several reasons; its syntax makes it more suitable for writing documentation as opposed to MediaWiki, which is more general-purpose. Also, DokuWiki is self-contained in a single directory and does not require an SQL database, which makes it highly portable (the intention is to make a “daily snapshot” tarball available for download once the Wiki foundation is complete). The DokuWiki also allows the use of Access Control Lists - a quality control measure which will be implemented after the formation of a proper team of editors (those who are going to be responsible for having high-quality texts while you, the authors, are responsible for the technical content). The Wiki's functionality has been extended with several syntax plugins, which you will find listed at the bottom of the Wiki syntax page. You can follow the links for those plugins if you want to learn what they allow you to do when writing an article. =======软件的选择======= 本Wiki运行[http://dokuwiki.org/ | DokuWiki的软件。这种选择是由该项目的发起者,外国人BOB。基本上,当设置了一个严重的维基有两种选择:[http://mediawiki.org/ |页面]和DokuWiki的。 [维基:用户:alienbob。|外国人BOB]拥有丰富的经验与两个 - 为自己的[http://alien.slackbook.org/ | Slackware的知识库],并运行一个页面的知识库,为客户运行DokuWiki的服务台的,他是teamleader。 DokuWiki的选择有以下几个原因,使得它更适合用于书写文档的页面,这是更通用的,而不是它的语法。此外,DokuWiki是自包含在一个单独的目录中,并不需要一个SQL数据库,这使得它高度可移植的(目的是使一个“每日快照”压缩包提供下载一次的的维基基础是完整的)。在DokuWiki的,而你还允许使用访问控制列表 - 质量控制措施,将实施适当的编辑团队(将要负责为有高品质的文本形成后,作者有责任的技术内容)。 Wiki的功能进行了扩展,一些语法上的插件,你会发现[维基语法| Wiki语法]页底部列出。如果你想学习他们让你做什么,在写文章时,您可以按照这些插件的链接。 ====== Artwork ====== The artwork used at the moment was created by asteroid who has some more examples of nice graphics on his own user page.
The admins asked (and received permission) from Patrick Volkerding to use these modifications of original Slackware artwork here on the Wiki. ======艺术品====== 此刻的艺术品是由小行星谁拥有更多的例子,漂亮的图形用户自己的用户页。 \ \管理员问(和接收权限),帕特里克Volkerding使用这些修改原Slackware的艺术品,在这里Wiki上。 ====== Sidebar ====== To the left of the page you will find a sidebar with several boxes which can be edited (by the admins). Only the “toolbox” box is part of the wiki's
monobook template, and can not be modified. More specifically,modifying the content of that toolbox would make future upgrades a pain.
If you have suggestions about entries which should absolutely be in one of those boxes, let us know (use the discussion page). ======边栏====== 在左边的页面,你会发现几箱的侧边栏可以编辑(管理员)。只有“工具箱”框的wiki的/ /[https://www.dokuwiki.org/template:monobook | monobook]] / /模板的一部分,并不能进行修改。更特别的是,修改该工具箱中的内容,使未来升级疼痛。 \ \如果您有任何建议绝对应该在这些箱子的项目,让我们知道(使用[快讯:slackdocs:新闻|讨论页])。 ====== Community driven ====== Even though this documentation site has a hostname in the slackware.com domain, that does not mean it is a Slackware-controlled or sponsored project. The use of the domain name is a token of approval, rather. Also, the project was bootstrapped by Alien BOB, a Slackware coreteam member.
The content of the Wiki will not be controlled by “
higher powers”. The content on any page in this wiki is determined by its author(s) and contributor(s). ======社区驱动====== 即使本文档的网站有一个主机名, slackware.com域,这并不意味着它是一个Slackware的控制或资助的项目。域名的使用是一个道理的批准,而。此外,该项目引导[百科用户:alienbob|外国人BOB]],Slackware的coreteam成员。\ \“/ /权力”的Wiki的内容将无法控制。在这个wiki的任何页面上的内容是由它的作者(S)和贡献者(S)。

Wiki structure

The core structure of the Wiki will be maintained by the site admins. That means: namespaces, visual identity, access controls and the like. Ideas for changing the core structure of the Wiki can be submitted through our mailing list ( http://lists.alienbase.nl/mailman/listinfo/slackdocs) or by editing the discussion page. The actual content is all up to you! We will not refuse any article.


由网站管理员的核心结构的Wiki将保持。这意味着:[https://www.dokuwiki.org/namespaces |命名空间],视觉识别,访问控制等。思路改变的核心结构的Wiki可以通过我们的邮件列表提交([http://lists.alienbase.nl/mailman/listinfo/slackdocs | http://lists.alienbase.nl/mailman/listinfo/slackdocs ]]),或通过编辑[谈:slackdocs:新闻|讨论页]。 The的实际内容是一切都取决于你! / /我们不会拒绝任何物品。 ====== Assuring quality ====== [Not implemented yet] Our goal is to give you total creative freedom when writing content for the Wiki. But for the sake of quality assurance, we ask you to co-operate with one of our editors.
He or she may be able to offer suggestions about tags to use in your article so that it gets properly listed in the TOC. We also have tag categories that allow you to indicate your article applies to certain versions of Slackware only. You get the idea? You can also discuss an appropriate namespace to put your article in (consider a namespace as a wiki equivalent of a subdirectory - actually that is how it is implemented in the server's filesystem). The editor's primary role is to advise you on the structure of your article, ensure that it looks good, uses well-formed sentences - essentially that what any book editor would also do for you. You (the author of the article) will remain in control over the technical content! The editor will not enter into discussions about the (technical) content of your article, unless he spotted blatant errors of course. We assume that since you wrote it, you know better what you are talking about than do we… ======保证质量====== [/ /尚未实现/ /] 我们的目标是给你写的内容时,总的创作自由的维基。但为了质量保证,我们会要求您合作,我们的编辑之一。 \ \他或她可能是能够提供关于标签的使用在你的文章中,这样它就会正确地在目录中列出的建议。我们也有,让你表明你的文章的Slackware只适用于某些版本的标签类别。你的想法吗?您还可以讨论一个适当的命名空间,把你的文章中(考虑维基相当于一个子目录的命名空间 - 其实那是它是如何实现在服务器的文件系统)。编辑器的主要作用是提醒你你的文章的结构,确保它看起来不错,使用良好的句子 - 本质上,也为你做任何一本书的编辑器。 (文章作者)将继续留在控制的技术含量!编辑器将不会进入你的文章的内容(技术)的讨论,当然,除非他发现明显的错误。我们假设,因为你写的,你更了解你正在谈论什么比我们… In order to assist the editor with his work, the Wiki implements a mechanism of “publishing a page”. This means that the creation of a new page, or editing an existing page, will automatically put that page in “Draft” mode. The “Draft” message will be prominently visible on the page. If you are editing an existing page, then the original (approved) page will remain be visible to visitors of our Wiki. Only the registered users of the wiki (i.e. your fellow authors) will be able to see the draft instead of the approved version.
You have to consult one of our editors to get your page revision approved. That action will make it visible to the world. 为了他的工作,协助编辑的Wiki实现的机制“发布页”。这意味着创建一个新的页面,或编辑已有的页面,该页面会自动把“草稿”模式。 “草案”的消息将被突出显示在页面上。如果您正在编辑一个现有的页面,那么原来的页面(已批准)将继续是我们的Wiki的访问者看到。只有维基(即你的同胞的作者)的注册用户将能够看到的草案,而不是批准的版本。 \ \您可以咨询我们的编辑,让你的页面修订批准。这一行动将它展示给全世界。