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082212@1915hrsEDT - In the Choice of Software section, I am unsure of the use/meaning of the word “fundament”. Were you meaning “fundamental” or possibly “foundation”? ~vtel

Foundation is the better word indeed.
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/22 16:20

082312@0929hrsEDT - Foundation exchanged for fundament. ~vtel

Re: Project Charter 1st draft

I tend to ramble on when I get in front of a keyboard, as Eric knows from my admin list postings. ;) Please read/comment on my 1st draft of the Project Charter. We can, of course, edit/amend or just totally scrap that one. ~vtel

Some sentences are in the first person: “running a MediaWiki based knowledgebase for the customer Helpdesk of which I am the teamleader”, “I asked Patrick…”. Which is fine and makes for a less formal read. But in that case, I suggest to sign the article. The reader may wonder “Who's talking here?” — Niki Sat Aug 25 07:38:05 CEST 2012

Niki, the section to which you are referring is Eric's (Alien Bob) output. I only made a minor grammatical correction there. I'll let Eric respond to you regarding this. — V. T. Eric Layton 2012/08/25 11:38

I have already re-written my first-person crap ;-) I should have paid better attention.
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/25 11:46

Why? First person is good! Fun to read and everything. I would keep the first person and then sign the article. But then, it's a question of personal preferences. Niki Kovacs

I wonder if the Language considerations wouldn't be more aptly placed in the Wiki News page. What do you think? Niki Kovacs

I was wondering if we should move the project charter to the main page. Not necessarily the one I wrote here, but “a project charter” of some sort. Thoughts? — V. T. Eric Layton 2012/08/26 12:20

I agree that the project charter should be listed on the main page.

mfillpot 2012/08/26 15:32

We should first finish the Project Charter, and then link it on the main page: “We invite you to read our Project Charter” .
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/26 12:39

True that. Still waiting feedback on the charter. In another day or so, barring any really negative feedback, I'll finalize it. — V. T. Eric Layton 2012/08/26 13:36

Maybe drop “living” from “the oldest living actively maintained distribution”? — Brian Lawrence 2012/08/28 06:31

@Brian - True. It is a bit redundant. — V. T. Eric Layton 2012/08/28 10:44 —-

I must not have read all too well what I had written… it is a bad piece of text. I agree that “the oldest actively maintained distribution” sounds much better.
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/28 07:09

Thoughts on finalizing this page so we can remove the note about expansion?

  • What's the main purpose of this page?
  • What do we want it to say to the world?
  • What's needed to finalize?

Since it's a “news” page, should we add links to external sources with articles about this project? The DistroWatch mention or the LQ.org thread, for instance.
V. T. Eric Layton 2012/09/10 19:32

Yes, having a section on this page, mentioning the external references to our site would be nice. In the meantime I removed the notice banner and also moved the “project charter” to the top where it belongs.
I am a bit in doubt if we should rename this page into “about the project” or something like that, and re-create a “news” page with actual news as content.
Eric Hameleers 2012/09/11 03:16

Good ideas, the renaming and separate News page. — Brian Lawrence 2012/09/11 05:54
Yes, I like. :-)V. T. Eric Layton 2012/09/11 10:27


======= The choice of software =======

Should be be written

====== The choice of software ======

to render a level 1 heading. That works as is but DokuWiki's parser is a bit too permissive; I think ;) — Didier Spaier

You're correct Didier, I have fixed that heading.
Eric Hameleers 2015/04/03 14:47

i put an image into a page i'm working on anatomy_of_a_slackbuild

but found text would not wrap; i tried various work-arounds
and also a look to see anybody else solved it. Apparently there is a “plugin” for this sort of wiki so that text wraps around images. Could it be installed ? done cheers — andy brookes 2019/12/31 16:34 (UTC)

You can make text flow next to your image if you make it either left- or right-aligned with the page. Check the Dokuwiki Manual for the proper syntax, the link is in the left sidebar. But I should warn you that images with text flow are not going to make your page look better. If you center the image it will look a lot better instead.
Eric Hameleers 2020/01/01 01:22 (UTC)


I don't know if this is the right place to say this (let me know if it is not) but I have given it my best shot for the page anatomy_of_a_slackbuild .So i humbly invite all on this site to tell me where I am lacking understanding, i.e where it is obliviously not correct, where it should be clarified etc

andy brookes 2020/01/05 16:42 (UTC)

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