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Bookcreator Plugin Help

Allows you to select some pages from the Wiki and create a book out of these (PDF or text).


The bookcreator plugin allows you to select some pages from the wiki and export to create a PDF or text book (like a similar function of Wikipedia). The page PDF book creator displays the list of pages selected for exporting and allows you to manage selections.
For handling the selection by adding/removing pages, the Wiki shows a button “add/remove to pdf book” above every page.

On the list of selected pages, you can use drag and drop to change the order, save your selection for restoring at a later date or to share with other users.

In order to work, your browser needs to have cookies enabled.


To use this plugin, use these two simple ways:




in the page 'wiki:ebook' (created by the Wiki admin).

With ~~BOOK~~ You can show and manage your list of selected pages

  • Reset your selection
  • Exclude a page from the list
  • View the excluded pages and “include” them back
  • Create a PDF book from selected pages
  • Create a printable version of selected pages
  • Extract only the text of selected pages
  • Drag and drop to change exporting order of pages
  • Define a title for the PDF document
  • Save and restore selections on a specific namespace (obeying ACL restrictions)

With ~~ARCHIVEBOOK:number&sort~~ You can show a list of saved selections (books) anywhere in your wiki.

  • Restore a selection to manage/export again
  • Sort by date/title
  • Show only first number selections
  • Otionally you can specify the number of selections to display and the order. Default is 10 items ordered by date (first/last updated). Each of selection is linked to book's page for it.

Changing the order of wiki pages

To change the order of wiki pages in your book, simply move the pages in the list. To do so, hover over the page title to move, click and drag it to the new location. Release the mouse button to finish moving the page to its new location.

Saving books

Format of stored book pages: when you save a book, it is stored in the format shown below.

====== MyBookName ======
* [[:first_pages]]
* [[:second_page]]
* .....
* [[:last_page]]

You can also manually create a book from scratch by using the same format. To create a book from scratch, start a new page anywhere below the “wiki:ebook:” namespace such as wiki:ebook:mybookname.


 wiki:ebook_help ()