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Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project

To jest stara wersja strony!

Witamy w Projekcie Dokumentacji Slackware

Naszym celem jest zostanie głównym źródłem dokumentacji Slackware Linux w sieci.

Pierwsze Kroki z Linuksem Slackware

  • Przyłącz się: opisuje różne sposoby jak (zarówno początkujący jak i doświadczeni) użytkownicy mogą wspierać społeczność Slackware.
  • Linki: inne strony w sieci zawierające informacje związane ze Slackware.

Dystrybucja Slackware Linuks

  • FAQ: lista typowych i często zadawanych pytań.

Czytaj HOWTO

Napisz HOWTO

  • Wskazówki dla Tłumaczy: Jak zabrać się do tłumaczenia istniejących artykułów, jak również jak stworzyć nowe artykuły w Twoim ojczystym języku.
  • Przewodnik Stylu: kilka podstawowych zasad dotyczących edytowania stron tej wiki.

More About the SlackDocs Project

If you just want to talk about the content of any of our Wiki pages, or if you want to propose improvements to a page, you can use the „discussion” tab which shows up at the top of every page, and leave your thoughts/comments/ideas there. Alternatively, SlackDocs also has a mailing list which can be used for content discussion and brainstorming at http://lists.alienbase.nl/mailman/listinfo/slackdocs (we keep the discussion archives).

If you are willing and able to contribute to the wiki, please see this list for ideas. Perhaps you already have an idea for a new article!
We understand that you may be uncertain about your writing skills or unsure about how to start contributing. If that is the case, we encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list and ask for help. The people on that list will certainly offer assistance.
If you think that a mailing list is difficult to use, we wrote helpful instructions for you.

  • The Wiki News page is where you look for news from the Wiki admins.
  • We keep some statistics of the activities in our Wiki.
  • If you want to know who are part of the team that is keeping the site structured and focused, visit our contact page.


Search This Wiki

  • If looking for specific information, try using the search box to the left.
  • Alternatively, use Google's „site” search feature by appending „site:docs.slackware.com” to search terms.
  • An even easier way of searching for information in SlackDocs: the Wiki is OpenSearch 1) enabled. This is supported by all modern browsers.
    Here is how to add SlackDocs search to Firefox (other browsers probably handle it in a similar way):
    • open the wiki start page in the browser
    • click the little arrow on the left of your search field
    • choose „Add SlackDocs”

Edit This Wiki

You must create an account to edit this wiki (even if you only want to write something on a „discussion” page). In order to fight spam, your new account will not be able to edit this Wiki immediately. One of the Wiki admins will have to enable it first, which usually does not take long.
Once done, you can play around in the Playground or your own user page to familiarize yourself with the Dokuwiki markup. The available syntax is listed in wiki:syntax where you will also find pointers to the plugins which have been installed, providing additional functionality.

Internationalization / Localization

Are you more comfortable reading articles in your native language? Click here for a list of available language categories and other internationalization information. Or select your language directly from the drop-down in the left sidebar!

OpenSearch is a standard to make it easy to integrate a website's search into your browser.

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