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HOWTO articles - Cloud

Cloud is the buzz word of these days. We have a series of articles that will help you understand what cloud services are, how they can work in your advantage, and how you can run Slackware in the cloud.

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Commercial Cloud Services

Overview of Cloud HOWTOS

Slackware as an AWS EC2 InstanceSlackware as an AWS EC2 Instance Prerequisites * You should have already prepared a DomU compatible Slackware install, see the separate guide on how to do that. * You should have an AWS account with the necessary vmimport role * You should have awscli configured with credentials such that commands like 'aws s3 ls' work, ,
Docker on SlackwareDocker on Slackware There's a Slackware package for Docker on Slackbuilds, but there is a small caveat when installing. In case you are wondering, the docker build gives you the CE version of Docker. Steps to install As root, first install skpkg:, , ,

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