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Studioware: Start

This is the primary source for Studioware documentation. Studioware is a project aimed at providing build scripts of the best open source audio editing software available for the Slackware Linux operating system.

It is a powerful suite of multimedia applications for professional audio production, video and photography.

Note: No official (stock) Slackware packages are replaced or removed.

Where to find us:
irc.freenode.net #studioware
irc.oftc.net #studioware

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  • Studioware turns your Slackware machine into a full fledged digital audio workstation (DAW).
  • SlackBuild scripts for 32 and 64 bit systems available.
  • Intended User Base:
    • Recording studios
    • Musicians
    • Photographers
    • Video editors and producers
  • Workflows:
    • Audio production, video and photography
  • A custom tool to make installation/package management easier:
    • sepkg - Studioware package builder
Studioware custom tools use Slackware pkgtools to manage your Studioware packages.

Applications List


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Before you begin installation here are a few things you may want to know:

  • Studioware has three main series/categories:
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Photo
A “Full” install includes all three series/categories. Audio, Video and Photo.

These “series” or “categories” can be installed separately or you can do a full install.


  • 'sepkg -q full' will download and install everything (full install).
  • 'sepkg -q audio' will download and install the audio queue/packages.
  • 'sepkg -q video' will download and install the video queue/packages.
  • 'sepkg -q photo' will download and install the photo queue/packages.

Please see Quick Start for detailed installation documentation.

Brief descriptions of the installation tool and where to download it:

Things change all the time - source download URLs are moved, sources are deleted, websites vanish etc. If you have any problems, chat to us in #studioware on freenode.

Quick Start Installation Guide

Tips and Hints


  • Originally written by mesa
  • Contributions by dive –>
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