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Queue Operations

Queues are the best way to handle installation as they can be adjusted as needed and it saves trying to remember options etc.

It is possible to use queues locally via shell redirection, or remote queues downloaded from our server. Note that our queues are in sbopkg format and have the .sqf extension.

Queue Examples

Local queue examples:

sepkg -i < kdenlive.sqf

This will download the appropriate files one at a time and build and/or install them.

Note that it is probably a good idea to set noclobber in your shell, or accidently using '>' instead of '<' will wipe the queue file. For bash use 'set noclobber' and for zsh use 'setopt noclobber'.

Remote queue examples:

sepkg -q kdenlive
sepkg -q video

We have queues for whole sections of packages - full, video, audio, photo (You don't need to specify the extension as .sqf is assumed). This makes it much easier to set up a machine with a categories of packages in one shot. The queues are on both our ftp and in git, so they can be downloaded manually and adjusted if need be.

Subqueues are supported in queue files. Simply add a '@' in front of the subqueue name. E.G. @kdenlive

Build Options

sepkg queues can take build options:

In the queue specify options after the application name:

ardour WIIMOTE=yes

To find out which build options are avaliable it is necesary to read the README or the SlackBuild in our git repo for the specific application. COMING SOON: We will have a list of applications and their directory branches to make finding them easier.

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