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$ whoami
My name is Marcus Carrião, I am a Brazilian physicist and Slackware user since 2008.

$ top
I spend my time with my family, physics, books, Slackware, RPG, tennis, football, guitar, trumpet, coffee and more.

$ find
My traces around the internet are in…
.##slackware | #slackware-br | #slackdocs at irc.libera.chat,
.LinuxQuestions threads and blog,
.carriunix at gmail dot com.

$ grep “translator_carriunix”

Adicionando capacidade Multilib ao Slackware na arquitetura x86_64 2021/07/30 23:09 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Ambiente de área de trabalho 2021/07/26 12:17 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Definindo um layout de teclado 2021/07/21 00:25 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Fluxbox 2021/07/26 12:59 (UTC) Eric Hameleers
Gerenciador de janelas 2021/07/26 16:01 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
KDE 2021/07/19 01:34 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Layout do teclado no Fluxbox 2021/07/25 22:38 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Layout do Teclado no KDE 2021/07/21 00:20 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Layout do teclado no Xfce 2021/07/21 00:37 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Perguntas frequentes 2021/07/26 15:38 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
slackpkg 2021/07/23 15:35 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Slackware-current 2021/06/12 00:01 (UTC) Marcus Carrião
Xfce 2021/06/25 13:41 (UTC) Marcus Carrião

$ grep “author_carriunix”

Fluxbox 2021/07/25 22:32 (UTC) Marcus Carrião

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