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This is a very good and helpful howto, but I think it could use some expansion. Is this howto targeted towards beginners or experienced CLI users? If it is targeted more at beginners, I think you could include some of the basics such as using the up and down arrows to cycle through past commands, or using tab to auto complete a directory path or command. — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/21 13:47

Hi b1ueb1aze - please sign your comments so that we know who posted what when. You can use the convenient “insert signature” button on the button bar for that.
Having said that, I think the author meant this article to have a limited scope: “some tips on navigating through directories in an quick and easy way”. You are right though, that a good HOWTO on “mastering the commandline” would be very welcome here. Care to write one?
Eric Hameleers 2012/09/21 13:41

Hi Eric, I wouldn't call myself a master of the commandline, so I don't think I could write one alone, but I wouldn't mind helping someone else write one. — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/21 13:51

Hi all. Yes, this article is meant to be limited in scope. Having said that, your suggestion, Andrew, about using tab to auto complete fits in perfectly here. I'll expand it tomorrow. Thank you. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/21 16:19

That sounds more like a book than a quick guide, I have created an article at CLI Guide as a base for development. Andrew would you like to start building the base organizational structure in that document so that we can work on it collaboratively? — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/22 06:12

I was thinking about something similar. Eventually, this howto was supposed to be part of a bigger whole. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/22 08:56
Marcin, if Matthew is ok with it, maybe you could contribute to the new CLI Guide, and we could combine your article with the new one, that way once it has enough in it to go live, we could have everyone's work in one CLI guide. Also, Matthew, how many sections do you want it to be? Are you intending the new guide to be more of like a quick start guide, or an in depth CLI manual? — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/22 10:06
All, The structure of this document can be a good starting point for a more professional book structure on CLI use. I was thinking that we can build a book with proper descriptions, chapters, etc.. with our combined knowledge on using the CLI and various applications.
The only potential issue is that the final documents will be in the slackware namspace and will not be editable by non-editors. We can build it slowly in the wiki in a temporary location or can do the initial development using github so that the formatting can be added after the fact to keep it standardized. Which option would you prefer? — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/22 12:13
I don't mind either location. Does it have to be in the slackware namespace? We could turn it into a nicely structured howto (divided into a series of smaller topical howtos with some practical examples and tips, eg. Setting CLI environment, listing directories, controlling permissions, archiving, etc.) Additionally, there could be sections discussing things like eg. downloading torrents (rtorrent), listening to music (mpd/ncmpcpp), reading emails, etc. We don't want unnecessary namespaces but would this be a good reason to create another one, eg: howtos:cli (=⇒ howtos:cli:listing_directories)? Or perhaps group it under the 'cli' tag? I don't know. Just thinking aloud. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/22 14:56
Alienbob recommended for us to setup a howto sub-namespace, i think we should use howtos:cli_manual then place the chapters under it. This will keep it on this site only and will allow full collaboration. You can start building the index page to propose chapters now. I would like to morror the structure of the slackbook namespace and documents. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/22 15:27
I have created the page and will think about a proposed list of chapters now. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/22 15:37
Lets leave this as a basic howto article and move the development of in-depth documentation to the new sub-section. All new comments about the book will should be directed to cli_manual

I have added a clarification about $CDPATH and Tab completion. — Marcin Herda 2012/11/11 12:39

Thanks for the clarification, it's a useful Howto — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/11 13:07


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