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Hi, nice article, I just struggled with your note concerning lilo. The first part I think I got it (lilo can't handle big kernel files), but the last part of the 2nd part seems obscure to me. What do you mean by “perform[ing] a standard installation from a CD […]” ? That there is a recovery option in the install of Slack ?
PS: I changed almost all <code> tags to <code bash> tags. Tell me if that's ok. Because slashes in green are kinda funny. — zithro 2012/09/16 08:24

Thank you for the review I have modified the line to state “In those cases you can either upgrade lilo (which may not be possible) or enter the standard prompt from within and installation CD, DVD or USB stick.”.
The explanation of the recovery mode is explained in the second paragraph of the article which states “The recovery prompt that will be installed in this tutorial will be an on-disk option to enter the usbboot image. This image currently includes a basic command line mode that is used to fix boot issues, the capability to run the setup application for new installations and access to the memtest86 application.”
As for the code bash tags, I ommited the bash option because I thought that the color coding makes the commands hard to read, if you think it looks better then we can keep it. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/16 08:45
Np, and I think your edit made it clearer now (fixed a minor typo). Maybe it would be good as well to include 'Slackware' somewhere in your intro sentence ? Like “run the [Slackware] setup application” or “new [Slackware] installations”).
In fact you used the code bash tag one time, and I thought it would make the other commands also clearer, the bold font for recognized commands is nice. But like you and as I said in my 1st comment, I think the slashes in green is confusing. Maybe we should ask an admin to modify the display ? Is it also only the slashes that you dislike ? — zithro 2012/09/17 08:38
Thank you for the feedback, I have added a pointer to using a Slackware image and removed all bash formatting. Lets review how the colors look for a while and recommend new colors after looking at more documents and scripts. Zithro, Your contributions have all been good, feel free to edit the document with your recommendations. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/17 17:10
Thankyou for removing the bash formatting. I think that is something that should be reserved for actual scripts. Command line snippets using colours are confusing. — David Allen 2012/09/18 07:00
I agree to reserving bash color formatting to actual multi-line scripts only.
Eric Hameleers 2012/09/18 07:15

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