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Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project

Hi, I'm zithro, a french Slacker. I am reviewing the english and french parts and contributing to some french translations.
If you want to contact me, feel free to use my discussion page.

Slackware use: main OS on my laptop (Slack v13.37).
IT interests: system, network, security, programming.
Main language(s): PHP/Javascript/SQL.
Various experiences in: C#, Transact-SQL, VBScript, VB.NET, PL-SQL, bash, M$ batch/regedit files, AHK, C.
Adhered philosophies: KISS (with no comma !), IRL first.
Thoughts: 'Can I script it to avoid doing it multiple times?', 'IT's age is like the Industrial age. More and more automation, less and less manual work'

Useful links for editors:
Staff Editors Guide
Table Of Contents
Contrib-subjects to cover
Pages to check
Orphans & wanted pages

Wiki Syntax
Style Guide for Articles Published at SlackDocs
Wiki Tutorial and Guidelines
List of plugins available in the wiki

My notes/scratchpad.

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