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Hi htexmexh. Bullet points might be more appropriate here:

This option should be disabled on machines make after the year 2000 for security reasons.

  • Enable the block layer
    • IO Schedulers ⇒
      • Deadline I/O scheduler

Marcin Herda 2012/09/27 11:42

I tried that just now, but it doesn't keep the indent on detached entries. I mean options that are not right next to the previous indented bullet will not be indented. I want them indented in a way that shows how deep they are.

Johaan Strojandogg 2012/09/28 03:06

I am updating this article with new information, and have removed a few biased statements in the kernel source section. — Meta Schima 2013/12/18 15:33

In the future (whenever it's a matter of opinion) please use the discussion pages to discuss changes like that with the author(s)/contributor(s) of an article before you remove any parts. Thank you — Marcin Herda 2013/12/19 05:11
Alright, I'll do that. I only removed one or two sentences that didn't make sense in the context in which they were in, which could have misled people to choose an option that they would not have had the sentences not been there. The author of the article stated that they allow all modifications as long as they abide by the KISS principles. I will ask in the future tho, especially when removing large sections, and when the author has not made it clear what they want done with their articles. I did ask the author of the other article I recently edited about this issue, because it was not clear, but got no response and so I made the changes anyway because the article was quite outdated. — Meta Schima 2013/12/21 14:56
Thank you for checking the articles. Generally, if it's a larger piece of text or something important, use the discussion pages first. If you get no response, I'd use our mailing list to signal a problem with the text. It's just we want to respect the author's efforts and give them an opportunity to explain the rationale or otherwise address the issue. But then again, we also expect authors not to abandon their articles. — Marcin Herda 2013/12/21 15:22

I have completely updated the article to kernel 3.10.x and new kernel options and fixed broken links as well. — Meta Schima 2013/12/18 19:34

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