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  • Name: Johaan Strojandogg
  • Location: $RANDOM
  • Interests: computing, random number generators, physics, medicine, philosophy
  • Languages: English
  • Slackware user since: 2006


Basic Security 2012/10/09 09:48 (UTC) Johaan Strojandogg
Building the Linux kernel using git 2014/11/26 01:08 (UTC) Johaan Strojandogg
CLI constructs and useful info 2013/04/02 15:19 (UTC) Johaan Strojandogg
Hardware Diagnostics 2014/07/31 22:43 (UTC) Johaan Strojandogg
Sécurité élémentaire 2012/10/29 16:02 (UTC) Xavier Belanger

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