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Thanks for this fresh new HOWTO, arfon. I just read it through and have a small suggestion to make. Can you eventually elaborate a little bit on a few operations? E. g. why do permissions to /var/lib/mysql have to be set manually (and why does the vanilla package not default to them? Why comment out the line with –skip-networking? What effect does it have on the running MySQL? Cheers. Niki Kovacs Tue Sep 11 21:16:27 CEST 2012

I corrected few things here and there (formatting, typo), removed one unnecessary step and added few explanations. I hope author doesn't mind. — Martin Matějek 2012/09/12 15:59

Hi, Thanks for the howto. I have added two of the most common issues that I encounter almost on a daily basis. As for skip-networking, this makes the server blocked for connections from the outside so you will need to access the socket files directly and not via TCP. uncommenting that line or using –bind-address can make the server very secure from the outside.
Amit Ugol 2012/09/23 08:05

Edited some headers, corrected a few typos, and added a few things (diffs). Hope the author wont mind. — zithro 2012/09/29 09:42

My I recommend added a link to the software homepage and an explanation of the software. Additionally, Can you add the steps to add a new user, set user permissions and adding a new schema? — Matthew Fillpot 2012/12/19 18:26

You must forgive me, when I do HOWTOs/instructions, I do them simple and direct (wordy explanations tend to confuse/bore me). PLEASE feel free to edit this and elaborate however you guys want. I don't own the howto, I just got it started. — arfon 20121221 4:48pm
Added chapter about utf8 config of mysql, maybe need small editing… —
John Ciemgals 2013/02/11 08:52