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I will try to finish the first tranlation draft tomorrow (Sept. 12, 2012 EST Sept. 13, 2012 EST). - Ellendhel

I edited the tag line (in the original article in english too). Please tell me when the content is ready for validation by replying to this comment. — zithro 2012/09/14 14:12
It's ready. If you found any error or if you want to improve the translation, go ahead! — Ellendhel 2012/09/15 07:27
Ok, made some minor typos. R u watching Southpark, and in French ? Because it may be that the “mmmmkay” in the note about the crypto-nerds is the one from Mr. Garrison, the teacher. If you know how the mmmmkay is translated in French, we could put that here for the Southpark fans. In the meantime, I replaced your “Compris” by something less aggressive :) — zithro 2012/09/16 09:17

Nope, don't watch Southpark (French or English) so I have miss that reference. And your replacement seems good 8-)Ellendhel 2012/10/09 17:28

 talk:fr:howtos:security:sshkeys ()