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SlackBuild scripts

A SlackBuild script is a shell script (usually Bourne shell compatible) that automates the process of configuring, compiling and creating a Slackware package (*.tgz, *.txz, *.tbz files) from source archives.


The basic process of creating a Slackware package from source can be summarized as follows, while details may vary from one build system to another:

  1. Uncompress the source archive (usually .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file) into a “work directory.”
  2. Configure the source.
  3. Compile/build the source and generate the binaries.
  4. Install the program to a temporary directory.
  5. Copy the program documentation and other necessary files to the appropriate subdirectories in the temporary directory.
  6. Use the makepkg utility from the temporary directory (installation location) to create a Slackware package that can then be installed using the installpkg utility.

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