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I have created this topic for the basic skeleton of the subject. Improvements, adding details etc. are welcome. I am not an expert in SlackBuilds myself. — Harishankar 2012/08/20 00:57

The only thing i would add for me is that i hate going to a site and then get a link sending me away to another site.

slackbuilds submitted to slackbuilds.org are now via templates. It might be useful to go through the code of a slackbuild template maybe using the example of latex2html .At least i have half a clue since i'm currently maitaining that slackbuild

If we did this i'm open to contributions from anybody at any level . By the way i was involved in updating to a very small extent the article on the other site mentioned on this article page but made an error , then I felt like i stood on RWorkmans toes! See history on that page on other site!

The advantage of everybody at every ;level being involved is that somebody might mention something they didn't understand to which an addition explanation could be made. Obviously anybody at the same level of the pefson coming out with the question will also be helped, if that makes sense.

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