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SlackBuild scripts

A SlackBuild script is a shell script that automates the process of configuring, compiling and creating a Slackware package (*.tgz, *.txz, *.tbz files) from source archives.


The basic process of creating a Slackware package from source can be summarized as follows, while details may vary from one build system to another:

  1. Uncompress the source archive (usually .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file) into a “work directory.”
  2. Configure the source.
  3. Compile/build the source and generate the binaries.
  4. Install the program to a temporary directory.
  5. Copy the program documentation and other necessary files to the appropriate subdirectories in the temporary directory.
  6. Use the makepkg utility to create a Slackware package that can then be installed using the installpkg utility.

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