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BeagleBone Black HowTo

Note this is not how to install Slackware on a BeagleBone Black, this is simply a Slackware version of the BeagleBone getting-started guide.

This was written using Slackware x86_64 14.2

The flash drive access came up automatically just like in their Step 1

Setting up the USB networking took a couple extra steps though.

Installing Drivers

The driver install is the same as in the Beagle Getting Started guide Step 2

Download, make executable and run mkudevrule.sh

Next unplug the beaglebone if you plugged it in as specified in their step 1.

I do this to see what network adapters I have before:

root@darkstar:~# ls /sys/class/net
eth0@  lo@  wlan0@

Now plug the USB in and wait a few seconds for the BeagleBone to boot and see what you have:

root@darkstar:~# ls /sys/class/net
eth0@  eth1@  lo@  wlan0@

So now I know the BeagleBone appears on eth1

Here is the only difference from the BeagleBone instructions, I had to manually set the IP and turn eth1 up:

ifconfig eth1 up

Now you can open the web browser link as in their step 3


 howtos:misc:beaglebone_black_getting_started ()