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Hello, my name is Brian Hoffpauir and I go by cppimmo online. My favorite operating systems are Slackware and FreeBSD. I enjoy graphics & web programming and have found UNIX-like systems to be the perfect environment. I have a blog website where I host a few unofficial SlackBuild scripts and information about some projects I'm working on: bhoffpauir.com

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dwm - dynamic window manager dwm - dynamic window manager dwm is a dynamic window manager made by suckless for the X11 windowing system that supports organization of windows in tiled, floating, and monocle layouts. Windows are grouped together on tags where they can be reorganized and modified. , , , ,
Ratpoison Window Manager Ratpoison Window Manager Ratpoison a simple window manager that mimics the functionality of terminal multiplexers like GNU screen and tmux. Ratpoison has few dependencies, and does not require any that are not already contained within a full install of Slackware. There are no fancy graphics or other decorative gimmicks in ratpoison. Window management in done entirely with key shortcuts. Ratpoison makes use of prefix maps which proceed every other binding which is bound to , , , ,

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Please send me an email if you spot an error in one of my articles or wish to add something to them.
Email: bhoffpauir0424 at gmail dot com
Website(may not always be live, for which I apologize): bhoffpauir.com
GitHub: https://github.com/cppimmo
I also lurk around the Slackware LinuxQuestions forum. My username there is: cppimmo.

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