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Lets build the chapter list and conventions prior to adding content so we have a clear structure. In addition we should remove the howtos tag and add a Work_in_progress tag until the articles are ready to be published. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/22 15:43

I have modified the tags. Looking at the SlackBook, there's some content that will inevitably overlap with the CLI Manual, eg. working with files. How should we handle it? Copy and expand or write from scratch? — Marcin Herda 2012/09/22 16:02
I think we should start from scratch since this will be more in-depth. We can reference the slackbook and place links to the appropriate sections/chapters where applicable.
I will work on the conventions page tonight so we can have a clean formatting structure. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/22 16:10
Need to go to bed (it's 2:30am where I live). Have a look at my test_page to see a draft list of chapters (or more like concepts). I'm not sure if that list makes sense at all. It's hard to decide what to include and where. Feel free to edit it or include child titles/concepts. Obviously the list of sections does not have to be set in stone but once we've agreed on something regarding the list we can transfer it here. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/22 18:22

Do you think we should list only the chapters on this page or treat it as a table of contents and also list the sections? I vote for chapters and sections. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/22 20:46

I think chapters and sections would be easier for a novice to navigate through, but I think chapters only would look neater. I think function over form wins though, so I agree with you Matthew. — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/22 22:51
I also agree with it. That way it'll be more transparent to the reader. They will know what to expect in a chapter. On an unrelated note, perhaps we should clarify the cli prompt convention, ie: $ - commands run by a normal user, # - commands run as root. I have noticed that I am not consistent in my CLI navigation article. Are we going to use just $ and # or user@darkstar:~$? — Marcin Herda 2012/09/23 01:05
I agree that we should add the prompt to the conventions, I will add that now. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/23 07:28

I have added the list of chapters. I understand that it will change many times as we go along. Most probably we've missed a lot. I suggest that any bigger changes to it should be discussed here (or on the mailing list) first. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/23 01:50

To avoid duplication of work/effort, we could add a note next to a chapter one works on, for example:

5. Users and Permissions (in progress: sycamorex)
That note can be added to the table of contents, I think we should add a signature to mark the date and time. I would like to recommend that we be open to minor edits when someone is working on a chapter/article, those edits may help the author to expand a subject or refine the user's understanding. — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/23 08:28
Yes, I meant the TOC. Adding a signature is a good idea. Obviously minor edits and suggestions are welcome and probably desirable to tackle a problem in a comprehensive way. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/23 11:33

Two minor typos: “Experiences” instead of “Experienced”, and “emphasizes” instead of “emphasized”. — Brian Lawrence 2012/09/23 11:48

I was planning on starting 2. First steps, unless anyone else is doing this, may I get started? — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/23 12:23

Sure, go ahead. Make sure you stamp it with your signature like I did for Chapter 1. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/23 13:25
Alright, I have started work on it. I could use some help though with the emacs and vim sections, as I am not very experienced with either of those, also feel free to edit/add to my article. — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/23 14:14
I could cover Emacs if you like. IMHO both editors would deserve separate pages:) — Marcin Herda 2012/09/23 14:31
That would be great Marcin! — Andrew Daniel 2012/09/25 11:18

Respect other authors' work

aschyiel, two remarks:

  1. This page is written by other people, who are explicitly mentioned. The etiquette of this wiki is to respect the work of others and not randomly change things
  2. You edited a list of potential chapter headers. It is rude to add your own page there. The chapters are meant to be filled by the authors of the CLI Guide.

Eric Hameleers 2012/10/19 17:08

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