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Slackware documentation and articles relating to Slackware can be found in many places.

If you could not find what you were looking for in this Wiki, try your luck with any of the following locations. And consider (after finding what you were looking for) if perhaps you could add the missing information as a new page or as a page update to this Wiki. We would be very grateful!

Documentation sites

Slackware Presentations

Forums newsgroups and IRC

  • LinuxQuestions.org or LQ: a friendly and active Linux Community with many forums on anything Linux related and a dedicated Slackware forum. This is the place to go should this wiki not provide the answer you are looking for.
  • Slackware newsgroup: You can connect to the Slackware newsgroup alt.os.linux.slackware through your own newsgroup reader or you can use google groups with your browser. In newsgroups you can also post questions. Many countries also have a local Slackware newsgroup in which you can post in your own language.
  • IRC:##slackware at libera.chat: You can connect to Slackware's channel through your favorite client. Host: irc.libera.chat. Channel: ##slackware. TLS port: 6697. With IRC you can chat directly with other Slackware users and gurus (experts).

News articles

Local Communities

Fan sites and blogs


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