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Network Monitoring with Arpwatch Network Monitoring with Arpwatch Arpwatch allows a system to track IP address pairings. It maps the MAC Addresses on a network by tracking ARP requests to each device on the LAN and recording the response in a database. All network cards are manufactured with a unique , , , ,
Asciidoc Asciidoc Introduction Keeping notes is an integral part of using any Linux distribution. Keeping them in plain text allows one to use them from a console during initial setup; using a consistent markup for plain text adds to the readability of the notes. ,
at - Task Scheduling at - Task Scheduling at is a task scheduling tool which one-time enables tasks to be performed on your system. The batch is like at but permforms the one-time tasks when system load permits it, all command and functions of at can be replicated by , ,
Set Up BOINC with ATI (AMD) Videocard under Slackware Set Up BOINC with ATI (AMD) Videocard under Slackware This howto is used based on Slackware64 14.0 and boinc 7.2.33 x64, and ATI HD 4350 (RV710) videocard. Firstly - install a fresh slackware64 14.0. Then we download the latest BOINC client from , , , , ,
cacti cacti Cacti is an opensource monitoring application. Prerequisites * MySQL or Mariadb * Apache * rrd, install from SBo. Installation Cacti is available at SBo. 1) Enable httpd vi /etc/httpd/httpd.conf CHANGE: #Include /etc/httpd/mod_php.conf TO: Include /etc/httpd/mod_php.conf CHANGE: DirectoryIndex index.html TO: DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.pl , , , ,
Efficient CLI Navigation Efficient CLI Navigation The CLI (Command Line Interface) is a very powerful, flexible and programmable environment. If you use the command line interface on a regular basis, you know how important it is to customise your working environment and develop shortcuts to ensure efficient workflow. Below are some tips on navigating through directories in an quick and easy way. , , , , , ,
Firefox Firefox Firefox is an opensource web browser from Mozilla. Installation Firefox is distributed with Slackware. Tips Make firefox understand downloaded files It is quite annoying that Mozilla Firefox always forgets what application to use for “opening” a file which you just downloaded. Also, the context menu “Open containing folder” in the Downloads overview does not work. , , , ,
Google Chrome Browser in Slackware Google Chrome Browser in Slackware According to Google, the chrome browser is a web browser built for speed, simplicity, and security. Note that this package has little to do with chromium as this is a pre-compiled package by Google, instead of a package that a user can compile locally from the open-source , , ,
How to merge PDF-files How to merge PDF-files Introduction PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format invented by Adobe. PDF is useful to present documents independent of hardware, operating system and application software. Each PDF file has a fixed layout, including page size, fonts, graphics and other information. It is also possible to encrypt a PDF file for security, or create a digital signature for authentication. , ,
irssi irssi Irssi is a ncurses based IRC client. The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol has been designed for use with text based conferencing. Installation irccd is distributed with Slackware. Using with tor This paragraph shows a method you can follow to , , ,
Java in Slackware Java in Slackware Oracle Java Due to recent changes in Oracle's Java licensing, Slackware, or any other distribution, is no longer allowed to distribute Java binary packages with the operating system. What it means for us is that although we will still be able to install Java on our system, as of Slackware 14 we will be required to manually download the binary package. , , , , ,
man2html man2html Introduction man2html can generate on the fly HTML pages from man documentation. This makes it a useful addition to asciidoc based notes. One of the advantages it offers is that when man pages are converted to HTML they become navigable through hyperlinks. A similar script exists for ,
monit monit monit is a free open source utility for managing and monitoring, processes, programs, files, directories and filesystems on a UNIX system. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations. , , ,
How to use MPlayer on the Command-line How to use MPlayer on the Command-line As suggested by kikinovak as a slackdoc topic. What is mplayer? Basically, mplayer is a command-line movie player packaged into most slackware installations; It happens to work like a champ with music files in addition to watching movies. Because mplayer doesn't strictly require a desktop environment to be running while playing music, it is quite light and is ideal for wimpier machines such as netbooks. , , ,
Nagios Nagios Installation * Create the nagios group and user: groupadd -g 213 nagios useradd -u 213 -d /dev/null -s /bin/false -g nagios nagios * Add the 'apache' user to the 'nagios' group, so that it can write to the /var/nagios/rw directory ('a' option prevents the user to be removed from other groups, the member of which he is already): , , , ,
Install nfdump/nfsen on Slackware Install nfdump/nfsen on Slackware Concepts you should know: A device is setup to constantly send out netflow information, it is not polled. A receiver listens for the netflow information 'streams' from devices and processes them. How to install , , , , , ,
ntop ntop Installation A) Enable httpd web server B) Install ntop dependencies 1) Install RRDTool via sbopkg 2) Install Graphviz via sbopkg 3) Install GeoIP via sbopkg C) Install and configure ntop 1) Add ntop user and group groupadd -g 212 ntop useradd -u 212 -g ntop ntop , , , , ,
Pale Moon Browser in Slackware Pale Moon Browser in Slackware From the Pale Moon website: Pale Moon is an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Make sure to get the most out of your browser! , ,
Phoronix Test Suite Phoronix Test Suite Introduction Wondering if it's time to upgrade your Slackware box? Look no further than the Phoronix Test Suite to benchmark it against other people's systems. Here is a quick guide to get it up and running, we'll use timed kernel compilation as an example because that seems like as good a benchmark as any. , ,
RTAI RTAI RTAI Introduction RTAI is a system that allows your Linux operating system to run so-called 'hard' realtime tasks. By 'hard' we mean that it isn't just 'best effort' it really will do something regularly, to a schedule dictated by you, no matter how heavily loaded the system. RTAI comes in two parts: a set of patches for your kernel and a library you can link your programs against which allows them to become realtime tasks. It may feel like you're running your program under Linux ju… , ,
Install snmptrapd on Slackware Install snmptrapd on Slackware NOTE: 'public' should be changed to your correct community string. 1) Install the official Slackware net-snmp package. 2) Create /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf authCommunity log,execute,net public WHERE: "log" & "execute" are the actions to take "net redrock" is to listen for any traps with redrock as the community string , , , , , ,
program name program name Prerequisites Installation program name is distributed with Slackware since <VERSION> as <category/name>. program name is available at SBo. Usage Documentation howtos software ,
The native TeX Live integration The native TeX Live integration Tex Live is nowadays the last maintained TeX distribution. Due to its size, it is not provided in the Slackware's official repository. That's why many (most of?) people use the dedicated SlackBuild from SlackBuilds.org to get it as a huge complete monolithic package. , , ,
Installing and using tmux in Slackware Installing and using tmux in Slackware tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It enables a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal. It is intended to be a simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative to programs such as GNU Screen. , , ,
XPDF XPDF Print from xpdf (with CUPS) If you haven't set a default printer in cups, * 1. set a printer as default. In xpdf: * 2. hit print * 3. select PRINT WITH COMMAND * 4. enter “lpr” (no quotes) Your document should print. Sources * Originally written by , , , ,
Zabbix Zabbix Zabbix is an open source network monitoring application capable of monitoring network devices, servers, databases and web services on a wide variety of operating systems. Website: www.zabbix.com Prerequisites * MySQL * httpd Installation Zabbix is available at , , , ,
ZoneMinder ZoneMinder ZoneMinder is an opensource monitoring tool. Prerequisites * ffmpeg * mariadb Installation ZoneMinder is available at SBo. ONVIF cameras If you want to use ONVIF cameras * Install perl-Data-UUID (from Slackbuilds) * Install other Perl modules via CPan: , , , ,

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