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This section contains How-To articles for system administration tasks that exist in multiple Linux and Unix based distributions

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Overview of Slackware Administration HOWTOS

Automounting usb drives is udev Automounting usb drives is udev I've a GoFlexNet that runs Slackware Arm that I like to use as NAS (nice to be able to do software raid with the 2 sata drives). Along with having an array I also wanted to be able to share any usb disk really quickly without having to interact in any way with the appliance: this is what I came up with: , ,
CLI constructs and useful info CLI constructs and useful info The purpose of this article is not to be a CLI tutorial, but rather to be an exposition of common constructs used in shell scripting for efficiently achieving a goal. There are also sections which simply help one understand a certain topic. , ,
Free your space Free your space Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you are suddenly faced with a message telling you that there’s no more free space on your system. There might be a few things you can do to free some of it. /tmp directory , , , ,
How to copy files \ directories \ filesystems via network. How to copy files \ directories \ filesystems via network. The article describes ways of copying content over network. When upgrading a home server, I copy all the data from the old server to a new system. In the examples below, I work from the new server and both servers are on the same subnet: , ,
How to search and read Manpages efficiently How to search and read Manpages efficiently Manpages are pages in the online Unix Manual. I hope this Howto can help some of you to use them more effectively, although I'm aware that many of the readers are already familiar with this subject. Searching for a Manpage , , , , ,
Install Fonts Install Fonts AS ROOT: * Copy your font files (.ttf and/or .otf) to their respective directories: /usr/share/fonts/TTF /usr/share/fonts/OTF * Run the following commands, with the directory where you copied the fonts as argument: mkfontdir mkfontscale fc-cache , , , , ,
KVM and libvirt KVM and libvirt With the combination of KVM and libvirt, you have an easy way of creating and managing virtual machines. According to the official homepage, libvirt is: A toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes). It provides management of virtual machines, virtual networks and storage; both local and remote. Since libvirt acts as an intermediate between a hypervisor and client applications, you must have a supported hypervisor insta… , , , , , ,
Obtaining a Slackware installation of your desired architecture Goal: I wanted to setup a Slackware chroot in order to build 32 bit packages on my 64 bit system. Obtaining a Slackware installation of your desired architecture For a 32 bit chroot I downloaded installation disks 1 and 2 from <> via torrent. Installing the packages
Resizing a QEMU raw image with an NTFS filesystem Resizing a QEMU raw image with an NTFS filesystem This is a quick guide to increasing the disk space available to your Windows virtual machine with an NTFS file system. The example is based on increasing a partition from 5GB to 6GB. Use qemu-img to resize the QEMU raw disk image , , , , , , ,
Serial Console Serial Console Slackware can be installed on various embedded devices. A lot of those don't have a traditional console, like a monitor and keyboard. Instead, the console is often routed to the serial port. In order to take advantage of this, some post-install configuration is necessary. , , , ,
Task Scheduling in Linux Task Scheduling in Linux Overview This article discusses some tools used in a Linux system to schedule tasks to run automatically at specified time intervals or at any given point of time in the future. Some task-scheduling daemons used in Linux/UNIX are: , , , ,
Todo Lists in TaskWarrior Todo Lists in TaskWarrior Taskwarrior is a powerful command-line todo list manager which can be installed from Please note that it depends on Lua. Managing Your Todo List You can use TaskWarrior in 2 ways: 1. By invoking the Task Shell and issuing TW commands: , , , , ,

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