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All of the information contained here is taken from http://www.slackbook.org/beta/#ch_install.

Thanks, some of topics referred to as chapters can be linked to appropriate wiki articles. — Harishankar 2012/08/20 03:47

Perhaps, the parts showing Slackware installation output should be wrapped in the code tags (or something similar). It doesn't read well. Especially the Booting the installer section. For a new user it might not be clear whether it's the author's comment or the installer output. — sycamorex 21/08/2012 21:59

Please pay attention to create all pages copied from the Slackware Book in the slackbook: namespace… not in the “slackware:” namespace
— — Eric Hameleers 2012/08/21 14:18

Would it not be better to create a fdisk example with sectors? — Whiz 25/08/2012 00:02

Real screenshots?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to use real screenshots instead of B&W images? Maybe with VirtualBox? — Harishankar 2012/08/25 22:57

Image sizes better now, thanks to mfillpot — Brian Lawrence 2012/08/26 04:36

Created screenshots in media manager Slackware:images would like comments. — Whiz 26/08/2012 15:09

Good work! I see only one colour screenshot currently but it's bright and crisp. — Harishankar 2012/08/26 08:13
Will you be replacing all of the screenshot with full color images on the page as they are created or just dumping them into the media manager until all images are ready? — mfillpot 2012/08/26 12:04
I first create all the images then dump them in the into the media manager and as I understand it can they be referenced from there.— Whiz 26/08/2012 18:18
Images look great. — Harishankar 2012/08/26 19:35
I re-encoded the images so they are smaller, further they are the same.— Whiz 30/08/2012 18:55

Why not to use something like <code>text</code>:

┌──────────────NO LINUX PARTITIONS DETECTED────────────────┐
│ There don't seem to be any partitions on this machine of │
│ type Linux.  You'll need to make at least one of these   │
│ to install Linux.  To do this, you'll need to leave      │
│ 'setup', and make the partitions using 'cfdisk' or       │
│ 'fdisk'.  For more information, read the 'setup' help    │
│ file from the next menu.                                 │
│                         <  OK  >                         │

with ASCII pseudographic?
Serg Bormant 2012/10/04 02:12

Namespace and Translation

Per Eric's comment above, should translations of this page be included in the slackbook: namespace or in the slackware: namespace this page was put under? — Gerardo Zamudio 2012/08/26 14:17

Pages that are taken from the Slack Book should go in the slackbook namespace, not in the slackware namespace. Translations of the Slack Book should go into the associated language namespace - for instance “slackbook:install” should be translated in Spanish as “es:slackbook:install” or else our Wiki's language system will not be able to work out if a page is available in more than one language.
This page, slackware:install , seems to have large parts copied verbatim from the Slack Book. Or was the Slack Book page on installation using kikinovak's text? I think we need kikinovak to tell us. If this Wiki page actually was derived from the Slack Book then it needs to be moved to the slackbook: namespace.
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/26 14:22

Page contents and community revisions

Restored the document to match the slackbook — Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/05 19:18

The four detailed press articles I linked to were a different approach at installing Slackware, and explained some things in a different manner than the SlackBook. I offered to publish them here so folks could freely cannibalize them, translate them, use them for their own articles, whatever. I understand they don't quite conform to the established policy here. Maybe they can be reincluded at a later state, when the site is reasonably filled with original texts and french translations, in the french section of External Sources. Niki Kovacs Thu Sep 6 08:28:12 CEST 2012
I forgot to note in this talk page that the modified document was moved to Slackware installation with all of your revisions (which is being referenced by the main page), all documents in the slackbook namespace will be locked so they can retain the original text and clone the slackbook content.
If you wish to contribute to the official slackbook you can read the book at slackbook.org and send patches to the author, if the patches are accepted into the offical document then the changes will be cloned here.Matthew Fillpot 2012/09/06 03:46