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John, a word of well-meant advice (be sure that I am grateful for your write-ups, I wish more people would pen down their Slackware knowledge in this Wiki):
Please do not start a series of HOWTO pages without fihishing them properly. We end up with a set of articles that are ugly and useless until you finish them all. It would be better to focus on one article at the time, finish it and then start with a new one.
Eric Hameleers 2013/02/14 12:46

Dear AlienBob, i understand, those “ten in one time” writeups not a good thing, but it comes from i in that time try to install and configure a “new” home server, for it will be analogical to “old”, so i can swap it.
therefore i install and setup many things - i must setup and configure sendmail, with ( for start) working with spamassassin, milter-greylist, milter-regex ( for start, with small configs for all this), webservers, and many more.i can write one thing at one, but in time who i slowly write this i do another things too, and on time, when i finished writing first article, i forget half of who i do for setup another services.

yes, you say, i can write all my steps on paper, and later write down it there, but i be very lazy, and that two times writing consumes too many of my energy, therefore i try to do two - three things in one time.
all of this i be done ( maybe in some different way) in some times, for example i set up and get working openwebmail two times before that - on slack 10.x and on slack 12.2 if i remember correctly - a 3-4 years ago - but even for get easiest that setup, i do not remeber almost all, who i doing then, in my previous setup. partially for that i also write this articles - i i need a setup openwebmail, for example, again after 2-3-5 years, i can look there and step-by-step make new install more easy way, than again start from zero…;)

P.S. thanks for your editing and tune my writings :) — John Ciemgals 2013/02/15 06:46

I understand your desire to document your work, but keep in mind that this is a public documentation Wiki. Our readers expect usable information here. It is OK if you have one or two “work in progress” articles here, but you really should write your documentation in private first, and push it to the HOWTOS section of this Wiki when it is useable for other people. For instance, many of our contributors will write the draft versions of their articles in their own home space, and then move the finished article into the HOWTOS namespace.
You can write anything you want, below wiki:user:wisedraco. For instance, wiki:user:wisedraco:openwebmail would be the place to write a draft for your article about OpenWebmail.

Also note that we really want to have short page names, leaving out the irrelevant words. So, a page “openwebmail” would have been better than the current “install_openwebmail”. The word “install” is irrelevant in the name of the page. You should write the subject of your article in the article's header.

And finally, try to use the syntax and layout elements which DokuWiki makes available to you. You can compare your original Joomla page to the edited version to see what you can achieve using the proper syntax elements. If you adopt this style then it will save me a lot of editing work ;-)
Eric Hameleers 2013/02/15 07:52

ok, thanks. try to learn all this…. about a draft writings - is it very ok. didnt know that possibility. anyway, this article is almost done, as i continue without going to draft ( planning tommorow be done), but next article i try to write in my space in draft version. again, thank you for all ;) — John Ciemgals 2013/02/15 08:54

Eric! see that addition: chmod u+s .openwebmail*.pl
- do you are sure, that is necessary?
i make suid bit only for openweb*.pl scripts, and not for .openweb*.pl, and looks like all works on my side….?
John Ciemgals 2013/02/17 07:17

Hi John
I guess I misunderstood your original text. If that “chmod” command is not needed then please remove it.

And next time, try to be more careful with overwriting my answer with an older version of this page. I am typing for the second time now.

Eric Hameleers 2013/02/17 07:16

A remark about the Apache configuration example. You pasted a large part of the “httpd.conf” file. In fact, it is not clear at all what your changes were because of the large amount of irrelevant lines.
Try to find a better way to document your changes in that file. Either by posting only a diff of the changes, or by highlighting the changes (and removing all irrelevant lines).
Eric Hameleers 2013/02/17 14:27

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