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Hi Larry. Another article in the emulators section. Excellent!:) I've just noticed that some sections eg. Catweasel Features might do with bullet points to make them more readable, eg:


  • Read/write real Amiga floppy disk's on a Windows PC
  • Use a real Amiga keyboard on a PC
  • Use a real Amiga mouse/joystick on PC
  • Ideal for WinUAE and Amiga Forever - transfer all your Amiga floppies over to the PC
  • Empty SID chip socket for realistic C64 sound emulation

The syntax for bullet points is: 2 Spaces and *

Marcin Herda 2012/10/19 09:00

Yes, Marcin….I'm new and I'm getting there. I'll change those for sure. I hope it helps someone. I don't have XTRS on my Slackware 14 install yet. But, I'll get it installed and all my files copied. Thanks for your kind words and help, it was greatly appreciated. Most of the forums/websites I visit aren't this kind & friendly…… — Larry Kraemer 2012/10/19 10:#0

No problem. If you ever have any questions regarding your articles, you can always ask in the “Discussions” tab of an article or on the SlackDocs mailing list. — Marcin Herda 2012/10/19 09:49

Edits as per suggestions. Sorry, I'm still new at this! 10-25-2012 — Larry Kraemer 2012/10/25 07:17

I noticed that this document references ubuntu installation and sudo rather than slackware, can you correct that content? In addition you are referencing the credits giving yourself credit for contribution, but where is the original document and who is the original author? — Matthew Fillpot 2013/01/06 08:55

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