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Created 10-19-2012 — Larry Kraemer 2012/10/19 15:00

Tips about style

Hi Larry. I would like to suggest that you to re-write the text “I finally found how to get the DOSBox CPU Speed (Cycles) Decreased with CNTL+F11…” into something more neutral. If you write a piece of documentation for many other people to read (as opposed to voicing your personal opinion in a discussion forum), you should add as little as possible of your “personal struggles” to get things going.
A text like “If you have issues with getting the DOSBox CPU Speed (Cycles) Decreased with CNTL+F11… then the cause may be your Window Manager. The solution is…” sounds more professional.
Eric Hameleers 2012/10/20 05:58

On top of what Eric mentioned, I would also suggest avoiding “…..” inside your howtos. IMO, this belongs to a literary style. Furthermore, try to avoid any emotive language like “MY OH MY….That was the good ole days…..WOW!” While this definitely makes your articles more entertaining, it's more appropriate for your personal blog. A wiki, by definition, should be as factual as possible, even at the risk of being impersonal and dry. — Marcin Herda 2012/10/20 07:19

Edits as per the above suggestions. Sorry, I'm still new at this! 10-25-2012 — Larry Kraemer 2012/10/25 07:00