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Slackware ARM & AArch64 Installation Documentation

Please visit the project's website for more information about the ARM ports of Slackware.

Stable Releases

Ordered by release:

Architecture Slackware version Supported
32bit ARMv5 Slackware 14.2 No. EOL 31-March-2023
32bit ARMv7 Slackware 15.0 Yes
64bit ARMv8 Slackware 15.1 No release date yet (use -current branch below)

Development Branch (-current)

March 2022: 32bit ARM has been retired and will no longer be developed. Slackware 15.0 is the last release for 32bit ARM hardware.
Architecture Slackware version
64bit ARMv8 AArch64/ARM64 "current"

HOWTO guides

The Slackware ARM community have produced a range of HOWTO guides covering an array of topics from configuring Slackware for specific use cases, through to enabling Slackware ARM to run on additional Hardware Models.

 slackwarearm:inst ()