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Этот раздел содержит статьи по установке и настройке мультимедийных приложений на основанных на Slackware системах.

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Список статей о мультимедиа

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How To Build A Slackware Mediacenter (HTPC) With Kodi (formerly: XBMC) How To Build A Slackware Mediacenter (HTPC) With Kodi (formerly: XBMC) My Situation I wanted a stand alone media center and everything pointed to XBMC. I tried the various LiveCD versions of XBMC but each had problems that either prevented the system from working or were too annoying. The solution turned out to be a S lackware 14 box that boots right into XBMC. , , , , ,
Netflix Netflix How to watch Netflix on Slackware 1) Install the current version of Google Chrome. 2) Watch Netflix. How install Google Chrome on Slackware howtos:software:google-chrome Sources howtos netflix chrome author_arfon , , ,
PulseAudio PulseAudio PulseAudio is a sound server running on top of some other sound system, usually ALSA. The original purpose was to get software mixing and transmit sound over network. Now PulseAudio is more than that, but it came at cost of increased complexity, which is not very good, considering the Linux sound system is already overly complex. But despite that the sound server is widely used by most Linux distributions. Slackware is not one of them because of its , , , ,
PulseAudio Rationale PulseAudio Rationale With the release of the first beta of what will be version 14.2, PulseAudio has been introduced as default audio server in Slackware Linux. This historical change comes out mostly from necessity, as the bluetooth stack BlueZ has dropped the ALSA plugin for audio output, making the presence of PulseAudio mandatory for playing any audio coming from Bluetooth devices. , ,
Steam Steam Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Installation Note Steam requires multilib if using a 64 bit system. The steam installer can be be had by installing the ,

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