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Keyboard Layout in KDE

If you haven't set the keyboard layout system-wide, you can specify it in KDE System Settings. The following steps have been tested on Slackware 14 (KDE SC 4.8.5)

Setting Keyboard Layout

1. Open Input Devices from the System Settings panel.

Menu => System Settings => Input Devices

2. Switch to the Layouts tab.

4. Tick Configure layouts

5. Click the Add button and choose the appropriate keymap from the list.

6. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to choose the active layout. The top keymap in the list will take precedence.

7. Optionally, you can remove the us or any other layouts if you do not need them.

8. Click the Apply button for the changes to take effect.

Switching Between Layouts in the Task Manager

If you have more than 1 layout in the list from step 7, a keyboard module should automatically appear in the task manager displaying the current layout. You can quickly switch to an alternative keyboard layout by left-clicking on the module. If you right-click on it, a keyboard menu with additional options will unfold.

Assign a Shortcut to Switch Between Layouts

If you are used to global shortcuts such as Alt+Shift to switch between layouts, then on the same settings page, in the container Shortcuts For Switching Layouts click on Main shortcuts: and select the combination that you desire.


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