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Native Unreal Tournament 2004 ECE from gog.com

This guide walks through the steps necessary to install ut2004 ECE from gog.com using a SlackBuild that can be found at SlackBuilds.org.

Some manual preparation before using the script at SlackBuilds.org
  1. In a terminal as root create the game directory and a directory where the CDKey will go; here is an example using the SlackBuild's default
    mkdir -p /usr/share/games/ut2004/System 
    chgrp -R games /usr/share/games/ut2004 
    chmod -R 774 /usr/share/games/ut2004
  2. In a terminal as non root user, install ut2004 via wine. Here is an example (Note: on 64 bit systems replace “wine” with “wine64”):
    wine setup_ut2004_2.0.0.6.exe 
  3. Find your UT2004 cdkey with wine regedit.
    wine regedit

    a windows registry window will open up; navigate via mouse to find the CDKey located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Unreal Technology/Installed Apps/UT2004/

  4. In the terminal log back in as root, and, create a new text document called CDKey with the discovered digits inside of the correct directory.
    su root 
    vim /usr/share/games/ut2004/System/CDKey
  5. Copy over all the game data from the wine install to the correct directory (make sure you are still root during this step):
    cp -rfv ~/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Unreal\ Tournament\ 2004/* /usr/share/games/ut2004/
Use the SlackBuild from SlackBuilds.org
  1. Download the SlackBuild from SlackBuilds.org
    wget https://slackbuilds.org/slackbuilds/14.2/games/ut2004.tar.gz
  2. Extract the files
    tar -xvf ut2004.tar
  3. Change to the correct directory
    cd ut2004
  4. Download the required files found in the .info
    wget https://liflg.reto-schneider.ch/files/final/ut2004_3369-english.midway.dvd-3.run
  5. Execute the script
  6. Finally install the package it produces.


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