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RetroArch is an opensource frontend for various games emulators. It runs libretro “cores” that are available separately as shared libraries. This makes RetroArch modular and user being able to install only desired emulators.


RetroArch and some libretro cores are available via SlackBuilds.org.

All libretro cores are installed in the following directories:

  • /usr/lib(64)/libretro: shared libraries
  • /usr/lib(64)/libretro/info: metadata files


RetroArch can be ran from command line by specifying a libretro core and content file or via one of its several graphical interface.

$ retroarch -L /usr/lib64/libretro/foo_libretro.so foo.data

Otherwise, run retroarch with no arguments to run its default XMB frontend.

$ retroarch

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