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 ====== About me ====== ====== About me ======
-{{:​wiki:​user:​panjo-avatar.png?​direct |}}You can read all about me in my website at http://​harishankar.org/​+{{:​wiki:​user:​panjo-avatar.png?​direct |}}You can find out all about me on my website at http://​harishankar.org/​
-I am a long time GNU/Linux user (since around ​2003). My main distributions these days are Debian (primary use) and Slackware (development/​testing purposes).+I also manage a literary discussion forum at http://​literaryforums.org. 
 +I am quite a private person and I am not too keen on sharing personal information online, so prepare to be disappointed ;-) 
 +=====My History with Linux===== 
 +I am a long time GNU/Linux user (since around ​2001-2). My first distribution was (the legacy) [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Red_Hat_Linux|Red Hat Linux 6.2]] based distribution that came with a computer magazine. Since I couldn'​t partition my hard disk at that time, I installed it on an image file in DOS/Windows partition and used boot floppies which kept getting corrupted frequently. Later I used [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Loadlin|loadlin]] until I finally got a new hard-disk to partition properly for Linux use. Then I had to contend with LILO and its 1024 cylinder problem. Those days, for me, just booting into Linux was a major achievement. 
 +The first serious Linux distribution I used was Debian Sarge when it was still ''​testing''​. My main distributions these days are Debian ​sid (primary use) and Slackware ​64-bit CURRENT ​(for development/​testing purposes). ​

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