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Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project

About me

You can find out all about me on my website at http://harishankar.org/.

I also manage a literary discussion forum at http://literaryforums.org.

I am quite a private person and I am not too keen on sharing personal information online, so prepare to be disappointed ;-)

My History with Linux

I am a long time GNU/Linux user (since around 2001-2). My first distribution was (the legacy) Red Hat Linux 6.2 based distribution that came with a computer magazine. Since I couldn't partition my hard disk at that time, I installed it on an image file in DOS/Windows partition and used boot floppies which kept getting corrupted frequently. Later I used loadlin until I finally got a new hard-disk to partition properly for Linux use. Then I had to contend with LILO and its 1024 cylinder problem. Those days, for me, just booting into Linux was a major achievement.

The first serious Linux distribution I used was Debian Sarge when it was still testing. My main distributions these days are Debian sid (primary use) and Slackware 64-bit CURRENT (for development/testing purposes).

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