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Hello! My name is Jefferson Rocha, aka slackjeff. I am Brazilian and I use Slackware since 2008, then i have been actively contributing to the project Slackware indirectly.

You can see how I contribute to Slackware and GNU/Linux:

My hobbies

I have been using computers since 1999, as the main hoobie I love to program in (shell), recently I am trying to remove bashism from my life and use only the posix shell… Good, i trying.

I also like to create websites in the style of the 90/2000 no JS please. I'm in love with old technology 70/80/90/2000. Another hoobie is writing articles.

Life and Style

Currently married to a future Slacker @Tati my s2 and have a son 8-) ^_^ I love simplicity and minimalism. I always try to follow these two steps. It's hard … I know, but I started to delve into these topics thanks to Slackware and UNIX =).

I don't use Facebook, twitter and others spy platforms.

Simplicity above all!

My articles eng/pt-br

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