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I'm just a guy from Bulgaria that has been using 1) Slackware since version 7.1 when I made my first steps with GNU/Linux as a teenager.
I've been working as a System Administrator / DevOPS 2) for the last 13+ years.
And I'm just doing my small part in helping the community by hosting a Slackware mirror: mirrors.slackware.bg 3) and writing articles here /as u can see..I'm not helping much :( /


  • Email: georgi_at_slackware.bg
  • Freenode: ##Slackware (nick lamerix)

Contributed Articles

Linux Multi-Queue Block IO Queueing Mechanism (blk-mq) 2018/08/21 12:10 (UTC) Linux Multi-Queue Block IO Queueing Mechanism (blk-mq) blk-mq (Multi-Queue Block IO Queueing Mechanism) is a new framework for the Linux block layer that was introduced with Linux Kernel 3.13 and has become feature-complete with Kernel 3.16. Blk-mq allows for over 15 million IOPS with high-performance flash devices (e.g. PCIe SSDs) on multi-socket servers, though even single and dual socket servers also benefit considerably from blk-mq. , , , ,
monit 2018/03/07 11:47 (UTC) monit monit is a free open source utility for managing and monitoring, processes, programs, files, directories and filesystems on a UNIX system. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations. , , ,
Policy based routing 2018/03/09 22:24 (UTC) Policy based routing By default networks packets are routed based on their destination address. Linux supports routing policies, and this allows you to have multiple routing tables and make routing decisions based on other variables. Routing tables , , ,
Slackware Docker Image Overview 2018/09/17 21:24 (UTC) Slackware Docker Image Overview Slackware docker images are available in the docker image registry. They can be found in hub.docker.com/r/vbatts Building the images You can clone the git repository from github.com/vbatts/slackware-docker Currently, using the installer bootstrap, the mkimage-slackware.sh , , ,
and loving!
call it whatever u like, I still don't see the difference
Currently mirroring: slackware, slackwarearm, msb, csb, ktown, liveslack, multilib, slackbuilds, slarm64

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