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* philosopher-mathematician-scientist David Chmelik, programmer since 1993 (CWU 2012 BSc.)
* Unix & Slackware user/programmer/scientist since 1997.
* Editor/creator of some wiki material since '00s.
* irc://freenode/##slackware & irc://freenode/#slackbuilds & irc://freenode/#slackdocs #slackdocs DarwinElf
* Maintainer/creator of some SlackBuilds since '10.
zfs_home ZFS /home
tips ([http://slackwiki.com SlackWiki])
* [[http://slackwiki.com/Decompress_many|Decompress many]
* [[http://slackwiki.com/Fonts_update|Fonts update]
* [[http://slackwiki.com/Git_pull_writable|Git pull writable]
* [[http://slackwiki.com/Thumbnails|Thumbnails]

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