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16 November 2020 @1027hrs (EST): Edited this new article for spelling, punctuation, grammar/usage. Most mistakes were minor. I did NOT attempt to proof or correct any information in the code boxes. ~vtel57 (nocturnal.slacker - V. T. Eric Layton)

Thanks Eric all edits, suggestions and so on are welcome. The perspective of this page is getting things done on Slackware for web development(html and php).

There may be overlap of information that I write; I will try to keep that to a minimum. I think I can justify it on the basis that it won't be exactly the same way other people have written, may update things and to my mind there's nothing worse than having to flick back and forth from one page to other.

Regarding the editing of code in a directory containing a web site I have mentioned two approaches. I welcome comments from other users on here for pro's and cons of my approach.

The page is becoming unreadable because you keep adding content but are not adding structure. My suggestion would be to use “Headlines” (see the buttons above the editing area) to divide the content into chapters/paragraphs, this will also auto-generate a Table of Contents for you.
Another remark, what does pentesting Wordpress sites have to do with Web Development on Slackware? I request that you move information like that to a separate article in the 'admin' namespace.
Eric Hameleers 2020/11/27 21:17 (UTC)


Thank you for comment and time to look at this page.

I'm done with content, but not with tidying it up.

Will have a look at headlines as you suggest. I'm quite new to using Wiki.

Web development in its purest form involves for example writing and editing pure php. To develop you have to take into possible vulnerability. The connection (maybe just to me) between development and testing is that testing is best done local. If after carrying out pen-testing a WordPress app, you find it wanting , then further work is needed. Maybe adding new plugins might not be considered as “web development” in the true sense of the word but it is still progress and development.

Ok will take out pentesting and move it, once i understand where it goes. HOWTO articles - General Administration ?

Andy Brookes

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