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The article is about a specific piece of software that hasn't been updated since 2018. Furthermore, there are many and more mainstream ways of doing the same things with more popular tools. I suggest this article is outdated and should be considered for removal.
zeebra 2023/12/12 09:48 (UTC)

The title was ambiguous, so I took the liberty to change it to something more specific.
zeebra 2023/12/12 09:40 (UTC)

I suggest renaming this page to “vms for creating and managing a qemu VM”. I mean, there should be an initial headline before the vms headline with a name like that. It would make it easier for browsing purposes and easier to know what the article is about — zeebra 2022/05/14 11:30 (UTC)

 talk:howtos:emulators:vms ()