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Note: the link http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Slackware does not have to be changed in the page. It will automatically re-direct to the Wiki language of your owb browser.
Meaning, for you http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Slackware will change to https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slackware while for me, that same starting link will change to https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slackware
Eric Hameleers 2012/08/26 10:35

I suspected this might be the case and even tested it myself, however, my browser does not redirect me to the proper localization. I don't know what Wikipedia uses to redirect users. I have the HTTPS Everywhere add-on enabled and I'm using the English localization of Mozilla Firefox with [en] and [en-us] set under Languages. I figured it was safer to add a direct link just in case. — Gerardo Zamudio 2012/08/26 19:40

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