[2024-feb-29] Sad news: Eric Layton aka Nocturnal Slacker aka vtel57 passed away on Feb 26th, shortly after hospitalization. He was one of our Wiki's most prominent admins. He will be missed.

Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project

Staff Editors Guide


Here you will find information on the responsibilities of Slackware Documentation Project staff editors.

Editor Responsibilities

  • Regularly interact with the SlackDocs community for exchange of tips, information, and other discussions.
    • Monitor the SlackDocs List.
    • Join in the chatroom, whenever possible - #slackdocs on freenode.net
  • Provide contributor guidance.
    • Assist with Dokuwiki procedures.
    • Offer guidance with article creation and placement.
    • Respond to pages tagged as “needs attention”.
  • Review and approve new contributor submissions.
    • Review for a submission for content accuracy.
    • Proofread for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling.
    • Correct Dokuwiki formatting errors.
  • Watch for and repair instances of vandalism and/or spamming.
    • Attend to reported instances of vandalism and attempt to reverse damages.
    • Report repeated instances of vandalism to administrators or the admin mailinglist promptly.


A wiki such as this can get to be a busy place. All editors will be needed to keep up with the contributions being added on a daily basis. Remember to subscribe to a page that you are watching or where you have participated on the discussion page. Otherwise, keeping track may be a daunting task for you. The staff editors are the guiding force for contributors and also the wiki's security against vandalism. Staff editors are, of course, also encouraged to contribute their own original articles.


 slackdocs:staff_editors_guide ()