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NOTE: for the following examples, will be the REMOTE machine (VNC server).

Setup VNC Server (on Slackware)

USING TigerVNC: On your remote machine, install TigerVNC via slackpkg

   slackpkg install tigervnc

Start the VNC server:


You should get a message stating that the VNC server has started on DISPLAY 1.

NOTE: VNC listens to port 5900 or 5901 by default so make sure you can accept connections from that port.

NOTE: If you are using TigerVNC, the server can also listen on port 5800 for web-browser VNC connections.

Setup VNC Viewer (on Slackware)

USING TigerVNC: On your local machine, install TigerVNC via slackpkg

   slackpkg install tigervnc

Start the VNC viewer:


Connect to your VNC server:

   In the "VNC server:" box put the IP address/URL of your VNC server and the display number:

Tunnel VNC Through SSH (from Slackware)

Open an SSH connection:

   ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 -N -f -l bob
    -L 5901:localhost:5901 = Connections to local port 5901 is forwarded to remote port 5901 on the remote machine.
    -N : Just forward ports, do not execute a remote command.
    -f : Make ssh to go to background before command execution.
    -l bob : 'bob' is the username. : is the remote machine (target VNC Server).

Connect with VNC:

   Enter "localhost:1" (or "") into the 'VNC server:' box

Tunnel VNC Through SSH (from Windows with Putty [V0.62])

Install Putty on the LOCAL machine.

Open putty and set the following values:

   Session >
   Connection Type: SSH
   Connection > SSH > Tunnels >
   Source port: 5901

Start the connection by hitting the OPEN button.

Connect with VNC:

   Enter "localhost:1" (or "") into the 'VNC server:' box

Reverse VNC Connection

(Connecting to a listening VNC viewer (Useful for family IT support))

Start The VNC Viewer (on Slackware) In Listen Mode-

   vncviewer -listen 5500
   WHERE: 5500 is the port to listen on (5500 is default).

IF YOUR INCOMING CONNECTION IS COMING THROUGH A FIREWALL (most home routers) do not forget to forward the port in the router (5500 is the default port for reverse VNC connections).

Start the VNC SERVER on Windows and attach a listening viewer-

   Start the VNC Server
   RIGHT CLICK on the VNC server icon in your task bar and select "ATTACH LISTENING VIEWER"
   Put in the IP address of the viewer machine:
   **NOTE** - If the incoming connection is coming into your home network from the internet
              (through a forwarded port), make sure to connect to the ROUTER'S address (the
              internet address) and NOT your local address. This can be found by going to a
              "whatsmyip" website with a broswer.


* Originally written by arfon

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