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Minimalistic guide to build a Kernel (only) 2022/02/18 16:39 (UTC) Minimalistic guide to build a Kernel (only) Introduction Brief guide to configure, compile and install a kernel. I do this all as root in /usr/src, others do all steps except install in /home/user/somewhere as user. If I'm going to use the Kernel to control my computer I might as well trust the build process. So this guide assumes as ROOT and /usr/src. It is mainly intended as my reference to other howto's that requires building a Kernel first. , , ,
Switching from Lilo to Grub2 (legacy/mode bios mbr) 2023/11/30 19:28 (UTC) Switching from Lilo to Grub2 (legacy/mode bios mbr) Introduction If you use UEFI and/or GPT, then don't use this. If you still want to use it, you can probably set your UEFI to BIOS legacy mode and deactivate GPT. This is meant to be simple. But the process should be somewhat similar with UEFI/GPT. , , ,

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