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/dev/rob0 was mknod(8) in 1999, playing around on an old i386 with 8MB RAM (that was a lot for those machines!) He got it running Slackware (Zipslack) 3.6 after having failed with a RedHat 5.0 CD. In early 1999 he found and started participating on the Slackware.com forums, posting as “Rob”. Then mknod occurred in May, because another Rob robbed him of uniqueness.

Thereafter known as /dev/rob0, he continued to work and learn many things Linux, most importantly the necessary skills to identify and solve problems.

In 2003, he turned pro, going to work as a subcontractor for a consultant. Now he's an independent consultant specializing in mail, DNS and networking (including OpenVPN and iptables firewalling) issues. See http://rob0.nodns4.us/ for details.

rob0 can be found in various channels on Freenode IRC. He runs various versions of Slackware on all his machines, including the ones he supports for child nodes and /dev/wife.

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