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Recovery a lilo update forgotten system from live disk

Sometimes you forget to do lilo after updating a kernel. In this manual we're going to recover the system!

Booting rescue GNU/Linux

Alright, you will need a Slackware (can be other, not very necessarily) LiveDVD.

Mounting system

Firstly we're going to mount our disk. If your system locates on only one partition, mount that:

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

If on many:

mount /dev/sdaX /mnt #X - your root partition
mount /dev/sdaZ /mnt/boot #Z - your boot partition

Mounting the necessary filesystems

Mount /proc, /sys and /dev is recommended, sometimes necessary.

mount -t proc /proc /mnt/proc
mount --rbind /sys /mnt/sys
mount --rbind /dev /mnt/dev

Download working kernel

If you don't already have a working kernel, you'll have to load it from slackware repositories.

# For Slackware64-14.2
dhcpcd eth0

cd /mnt/tmp
curl -O http://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware64-14.2/slackware64/a/kernel-generic-4.4.14-x86_64-1.txz
curl -O http://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware64-14.2/slackware64/a/kernel-modules-4.4.14-x86_64-1.txz

Install the working kernel

ROOT=/mnt removepkg kernel-generic kernel-modules
ROOT=/mnt installpkg kernel-generic-4.4.14-x86_64-1.txz kernel-modules-4.4.14-x86_64-1.txz

Chrooting to the system

After chroot we're going to do lilo .

chroot /mnt
# I also recommend you to check lilo configuration

If you need some kernel modules for loading the system, you can also setup initrd.

mkinitrd -c -k 4.4.14 -m ext4 -f ext4 -r /dev/sdbX
nano /etc/lilo.conf # Configure initrd

We've done! You can exit and reboot to the system!


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