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I am a relatively new Slackware user. I maintain some Slackbuilds at http://slackbuilds.org/

I wrote a tool to manage a local copy of Slackbuilds: https://github.com/aadityabagga/asbt

My humble contributions:

OpenRC OpenRC OpenRC es un sistema de gestión de servicios basado en dependencias. Funciona con el programa de inicio provisto por el sistema, normalmente /sbin/init . Características OpenRC proporciona una serie de características como la ejecución de initscript iniciada por hardware y la compatibilidad con cgroups, sin requerir grandes cambios de diseño. , ,
OpenRC OpenRC OpenRC is a dependency based service management system. It works with the system provided init program, normally /sbin/init. Features OpenRC provides a number of features like hardware initiated initscript run and cgroups support, without requiring large layout changes. , ,
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL,or Postgres, is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) with an emphasis on extensibility and on standards-compliance. Installing Postgres is currently available from slackbuilds.org and can be installed via that. PHP / Apache Support , , ,

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