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Should we also consider trying to get translators for Inida, China and Japan since those countries have high populations and are very technical?
mfillpot 2012/08/27 08:17 AM EDT

Suggestion: in the available languages list, after the English reference text for all languages, put the Local language (in local caracters too), to help people that don't understand English find your own language. For example:

Rodrigo Amorim Tue Aug 28 21:55:06 BRT 2012

Agreed. That is a good idea, Rodrigo. — V. T. Eric Layton 2012/08/28 18:42

Eric. I made the modifications. But it will be better if more people help us double-check it :)

Rodrigo Amorim Tue Aug 28 23:37:31 BRT 2012

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