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Hi Andrew. The howto tag should not be present in this series of articles. I have removed it. Please note the spelling convention of WIP and author tags. — Marcin Herda 2012/09/23 14:54

Corrected two typos. — Brian Lawrence 2012/09/25 01:56

Inserted a link to the Manpage-HOWTO — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/08 03:30

Added an explanation about the cathegories of text-editors. — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/08 03:42

Populated the Emacs section. A new, in-depth article about more advanced Emacs features is on my todo list. Of course, if someone would like to do it, feel free. — Marcin Herda 2012/11/15 15:52

Populated the Vim section. I think that there is enough documentation about the vi-editors in the internet. I'm considering to expand the subject of “efficient editing”. — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/16 14:54

Thanks for the plugin section. It's really useful. You might find the <nowiki> tag helpful for the <key> tags in within the code tags. Having said that I'm not sure if dokuwiki formats tags within the code tags anyway. — Marcin Herda 2012/11/17 05:19
the <nowiki> tag didn't work, I wonder if I should do it with <html> maybe this will work. — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/17 06:57
Is that what you want to output?
syn region dokuwikiKeyboard start="<key>" end="</key>"
hi link dokuwikiKeyboard Comment

Note that the code tags disable wiki formatting. — Marcin Herda 2012/11/17 07:26

Yes, now it works, I don't know what i did wrong, thanks for the help — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/17 13:35

—— Bear in mind that dokuwiki automatically capitalises single letters within the key tags. To avoid this you can single quote the letter within the tags. For example: <key>'i'</key>. In the Vim section I think you meant lower case i. — Marcin Herda 2012/11/17 05:33

Thanks Marcin, I did not notice that, now it's changed, it is really a small 'i' — Markus Hutmacher 2012/11/17 07:02

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