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-**VTEric Layton AKA vtel57, Nocturnal Slacker**+{{:​wiki:​user:​slacker_super-micro_flare.png?150 |}} {{ :​wiki:​user:​self-portrait.jpg?100|}}
-Welcome to my SlackDocs user pageMy name is Eric. I live in TampaFlorida, USA and have been a user and proponent of Slackware Linux since 2006, when I left that other mainstream commercial operating system behind and became a GNU/Linux user and supporter. I'm am proud to be a part of the Slackware ​Documentation Project. It is something that really has been lacking with my favorite operating system. ​+===== V. T. Eric Layton AKA vtel57Nocturnal Slacker - Slackware Linux Documentation Project ​Site Editor =====
-While we did have excellent sources of information such as the //Slackware Linux Essentials,//​ Jeremy'​s LinuxQuestions.organd manymany fine blogs, boards, mailing lists, and other websites, a central go-to location for everything Slackware has been a dream of many hardcore Slackers over the years. I'm glad to see that this may now be the project that fulfills that dream.+Welcome to my SlackDocs user pageMy name is Eric. I live in TampaFloridaUSA
-I'm not GNU/Linux guru or max coding monkey by any stretch ​of the imaginationHowever, I can contribute in other waysI have much practical ​Slackware ​knowledge based on my own usagebreakage, and tinkering. I have good writing skills with good proficiency in grammarstyleand spelling. I am experienced with system-wide administrationmessage board administrationwebsite creation ​and maintenance,​ and also some wiki work (at Wikipedia as vtel57).+am proud to be part of the Slackware ​Linux Documentation Project. While we already have excellent sources ​of information such as the //​[[http://​www.slackbook.org/|Slackware ​Linux Essentials]]//​[[https://​www.linuxquestions.org/​questions/​|Jeremy'​s LinuxQuestions.org]], and manymany fine [[slackware:​external|blogsboardsmailing lists, and other websites]]; a central go-to location for everything Slackware has been a dream of many hardcore Slackers over the years. We're all here to make that dream a reality. I hope you'll join us.
-I hope to have some time to come here regularly and participate/​contribute. +Thanks for reading my user page. 
- +
-Thanks for reading my user page.+
 Regards, Regards,
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 ~Eric ~Eric
-I can be contacted via my website: ​http://vtel.jaylach.com/vtel57/​vtel57.html+<​note>​I can be contacted via my [[http://vtel57.com|online home page]] or at this email address: [[nocturnal.slacker@hotmail.com|Nocturnal Slacker]]<​/note> 
 +{{ :​wiki:​user:​slack-docs.png?250 |}}

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